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Article: Heme iron and benefits of organ meats in your diet

Heemijzer en voordelen van orgaanvlees in je dieet

Heme iron and benefits of organ meats in your diet

Iron is a fundamental element in our diet, essential for the functioning of our body. Two forms of iron, heme iron and non-heme iron, each play a unique role in our health. The dietary habits of our ancestors, particularly their use of organ meats, offer us valuable lessons today about optimal nutrient intake.

Heme Iron vs. Non-Heme Iron: A Crucial Distinction

Heme iron, primarily found in animal products, is absorbed more efficiently by our bodies than non-heme iron from plant sources. This distinction is vital because heme iron is directly involved in the formation of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen throughout the body. Adequate intake of heme iron is therefore crucial for maintaining energy levels and supporting overall vitality.

The Importance of Organ Meats and Meat in Our Diet

Organ meats, such as liver, kidneys, and heart, are some of the most nutrient-dense foods on our planet. They not only contain a high concentration of heme iron but are also rich in vitamins A, B12, and D, as well as minerals like selenium and zinc. These nutrients support a range of bodily functions. Eating organ meats and meat, as our ancestors did, can help bridge deficiencies in our modern diets.

The Historical Appreciation of Organ Meats

Throughout history, cultures around the world have recognized the nutritional value of organ meats. In many traditional societies, organ meats were considered a delicacy or reserved for the elite due to their high concentration of life-supporting nutrients. This appreciation for organ meats as a source of strength and health is something largely lost in modern dietary culture.

Getting Started with Organ Meats and Meat

Integrating organ meats into your diet may initially seem challenging given our contemporary eating habits. However, preparing organ meats can be simple and tasty, with recipes ranging from liver pâté to stews. For those who want to experience the nutritional benefits of organ meats without direct preparation, freeze-dried capsules offer an excellent alternative. This method preserves the nutrients and makes it easy to harness the benefits of organ meats daily.


Rediscovering the nutritional value of heme iron and organ meats is a step towards a holistic and nutrient-rich diet, in line with the wisdom of our ancestors. Paleo Powders provides a bridge to these traditional food sources, with freeze-dried organ capsules offering a convenient and effective way to integrate essential nutrients into our modern lives.

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