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Beef Blood Protein Isolate - Grass-Fed - 150 grams

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Bovine blood is a valuable source of bioactive nutrients, as are bovine organs, glands, muscles, bones and skin. It provides us with all the building blocks we need to support our own blood. Paleo Powders' bovine blood protein isolate comes from grass-fed New Zealand cattle and contains a concentrated blend of immunoglobulins, growth factors and other important nutritional peptides. These nutrients occur naturally in the blood of cattle and form a completely complex composition.

Blood protein isolate from grass-fed cattle not only nourishes the body, but also the mind and intestinal flora! It is suitable for young and old, from top athletes to students because it has such a unique and broad effect on the body. Simply mix 1-3 grams per day with a cold liquid in a protein shake or smoothie. The powder mixes easily and has a neutral taste.

Benefits of bovine blood proteins;

  • Our beef blood protein isolate comes exclusively from grass-fed New Zealand cattle
  • Contains a concentrated blend of immunoglobulins, growth factors and other important nourishing peptides.
  • Simply mix 1-3 grams per day into a protein shake or smoothie. The powder mixes easily and has a neutral taste.
  • Our bovine blood protein isolate is of high quality and is produced under GMP conditions.
  • It contains no pesticides, herbicides, fillers or hormones and is guaranteed GMO-free.


Since the origin of life, nutrition has played a key role in growth and survival. Almost all body processes, especially the most vital ones, are highly dependent on nutrition. Daily nutritional status reflects the past, present and future of health. Nutrition is therefore one of the cornerstones of optimal health, both in how much you eat and in what you eat. This makes it the front line in preventing health problems.

Until recently, eating from nose to tail was the evolutionary norm and it has nourished and nourished us generously over the centuries. It provides many important nutrients, calories and information. From nose to tail nutrition contains organs such as liver, heart, collagen-rich connective tissue and muscle meat. But this also includes blood!

Foods containing blood are found in most traditional cuisines across cultures. Blood is commonly used in sausages, soups, pancakes and countless other dishes. For example, the traditional Masai of Kenya and Tanzania are known for drinking fresh and raw cattle blood.

Blood is mainly composed of proteins, but it also contains minerals such as iron, vitamins such as vitamin D, and other additional nutrients. An animal's blood volume can be as much as 11 percent of its total body weight. Despite having an inadequate nutritional status for many people today, eating or drinking animal blood is unfortunately no longer common, nor is eating organs and glands.

Introducing grass-fed bovine blood protein isolate

Concentrating the proteins and peptides from bovine blood into an isolate creates a powerful protein powder packed with complexity and fascinating molecules. Minerals such as iron and other nutrients are not found in the final product. Excluding these nutrients may sound strange, but not everyone needs extra iron or wants a product rich in iron. By keeping the focus on the proteins in the blood, grass-fed beef blood powder becomes a suitable choice for almost everyone. Taking bovine blood protein isolate is an easy way to add these specific and missing proteins back to your diet.


The human body has many molecules with vital functions, such as the immunoglobulin protein molecule. It has been with us for about 500 million years, originating well before human evolution. This molecule is thus the result of an extremely successful history of molecular adaptation. The antibody molecule has been meticulously shaped by evolution to enable all its functions.

The protein composition of blood protein isolate from grass-fed cattle typically contains greater than 50% immunoglobulin G (IgG), bovine serum albumin (~10%), transferrin (~6%), and IgA and IgM (~5%), and other bovine plasma protein. This product contains the only available, purified, dairy-free source of IgG.

Amazing natural complexity

Proteomics analysis techniques have identified more than 180 unique proteins in bovine blood protein isolate, including at least 15 immunoglobulin-related peptides. Other examples include insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2 (IgF-1, -2), transforming growth factor beta (TGF-ß), epidermal growth factor (EGF), fibroblast growth factor, platelet derived growth factor (PGF), lactoferrin and lysozyme.

High quality

Paleo Powders beef blood protein isolate comes from high-quality New Zealand pastured cattle known for their grass-fed standard. Every batch is produced in full compliance with strict GMP standards and every step, from collection to distribution, is fully controlled. Beef blood protein isolate is a pure product with high potency and consistent quality. This product is free from dairy, GMOs, hormones and antibiotics, making it the perfect choice for the most health-conscious user.

Bovine blood protein isolate

Bovine blood protein isolate is a new kind of protein product that belongs to the category of immunoproteins. The applications and indications for use are very diverse. Since much of your immune system is located in the gut, and since the gut is connected to almost every other system in the body through the microbiome, it's not hard to see how effective concentrated immune proteins can be, even in just 1 -3 grams per day.

Nourish from within

After ingesting bovine blood protein isolate, the digestive system, especially the intestines, knows how to use these specific proteins well. Not only the intestinal wall but also the microbiome welcome the complex mix of unique nutrients. A unique feature of this product is that it functions as both a “handyman” and a “garbage collector” at the same time.

Bovine blood protein as a modern sports supplement

Beef blood protein isolate is also a new protein supplement option for athletes. Not for the number of grams of proteins, but rather for the specific type of proteins. It helps increase lean muscle mass after strength training or other serious physical workouts or efforts. The protein derivatives (peptides) in this product can play a significant role in this. This is one of the reasons why peptides are currently a very active area of ​​scientific research. For example, human plasma contains more than 250 active peptides (signaling molecules) and some of these likely play a role in supporting protein metabolism.

Ultimate shake combination

With all the different protein powders we offer, you may be wondering how to use them in combination. In our experience, the ultimate basic combination is mixing fermented kefir whey proteins, collagen proteins and bovine blood proteins.

Simply mix 10-15 grams of kefir whey, 10-15 grams of collagen and 1-2 grams of beef blood protein. Depending on your daily protein needs, you can take this combination once or twice a day. You can take it with water, add other supplements or add it to an even more complex shake.


In essence, the bovine blood protein isolate offers a nice addition to your diet. By concentrating unique properties of bovine blood into a versatile supplement, you can provide your body with bioactive compounds not found in many other sources.

This supplement not only harnesses the power of bovine blood, but also the wisdom of traditional dietary practices from different cultures. With the ability to nourish and support both body and mind, bovine blood protein isolate aligns with a holistic approach to health. Beef blood protein isolate is a good example of a combination of evolutionary nutrition and modern options.

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Beef Blood Protein Isolate - Grass-Fed - 150 grams Sale price€74,95

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Erik devries
Game changer

Een game-changer voor mijn workouts! Ik merk dat ik meer energie heb en minder spierpijn ervaar na het sporten.

Bedankt voor je review!