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Kefir Whey - Fermented Protein Powder - 500 grams

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Have you ever heard of a protein powder that is not only good for your muscles, but also for your intestinal flora and the rest of your body? That is exactly what our Kefir Wei (Whey) offers!

Kefir Whey, a revolution in protein powders

We start with high-quality whey from European grass-fed pasture cows, and combine this with the age-old art of fermentation. During this process, some of the whey proteins are predigested and enriched by the powerful kefir microorganisms. The result is an unparalleled protein powder with faster absorption, better digestibility and better effect than a regular whey protein powder.

But there's more! During the 18-hour fermentation process, the proteins are naturally broken down into di- and tripeptides. This creates a protein powder that is not only more nutritious for your muscles, but also for your intestinal flora. Our Kefir Whey is prebiotic, which gives an extra boost to your health.

So if you're looking for a protein powder that offers more than just muscle recovery and building, our Kefir Whey is the perfect choice for you!

What are the benefits of Kefir Whey

  • Lactose-free and prebiotic, making it easy to digest and contributing to healthy intestinal flora.
  • Intestinal friendly and does not cause bloating or gas formation.
  • Keto-friendly with 0 grams of sugar, perfect for those adhering to a low-carb diet.
  • Paleo-friendly with 0 grams of casein, for those pursuing a paleo lifestyle.
  • Neutral taste and easily soluble, making it easy to add to your favorite smoothie or shake
  • Comes from European grass-fed pasture cows, so you are assured of a high quality and sustainably produced product.
  • Each jar contains 500 grams of Kefir Whey, good for 25-30 servings.

Paleo approved!

Fermented foods and drinks were already available to hunter-gatherers during the Neolithic Revolution, some 14,000 years ago. This was the transition period to agricultural societies and since then fermenting food has become an important part of our diet.

Although dairy products are not consumed in the most strict variants of the paleo diet, fermented forms of dairy are allowed in less strict variants of the diet or based on personal tolerance. This way you can still enjoy the health benefits of fermented dairy products without deviating from your diet.

Fermented dairy is different

Fermented dairy is very different from non-fermented dairy. Fermentation turns regular dairy into a completely different product. Undesirable and potentially problematic components from dairy are converted during the process and can hardly be found in the end product. You can think of lactose, for example.

Complex & nutritious Kefir Whey

At the same time, fermentation increases complexity and nutritional density because the kefir bacteria and yeast species produce additional nutrients. This results in a well-tolerated, rich and healthier diet compared to non-fermented dairy. “Food produced by desirable microbial growth and enzymatic conversions of food components” is a good and clear definition of fermentation.

New concept

Kefir is considered the king of fermented foods, not only because it makes milk more digestible, but also because it adds unprecedented complexity and nutritional density. We have therefore adopted the kefir milk concept and applied it to whey: the most popular form and gold standard of proteins.

Whey protein powder 2.0

By fermenting whey protein with kefir microorganisms, whey 2.0 is created. It is not only 100% natural and tastes better than normal whey, but also lactose-free, prebiotic, better tolerated and intestinal-friendly. What's powerful is that these fermented kefir whey benefits come on top of all the well-known benefits of regular whey.

Not just for athletes

Kefir whey can be used by anyone. It is particularly suitable for people who have difficulty digesting proteins, including the elderly and those with impaired digestive functions. Undigested proteins can reach the large intestine. There they can serve as a food source for bacteria that produce unwanted compounds.

Functional short protein chains

During the 18-hour fermentation process, some of the larger protein chains are cut into smaller pieces by the probiotic kefir cultures. These smaller “predigested” proteins are known as di- and tripeptides. The functional smaller chains of amino acids are absorbed by the body faster, easier and differently than normal larger proteins that have not been predigested.

Kefir fermentation

In the kefir-making process, various microorganisms digest not only the sugars but also the proteins. This results in the production of a large number of different peptides. The thousands of peptides that can be formed and the specific protein changes observed are unique to kefir. More than 1500 types of peptides have been observed during fermentation with kefir microorganisms (bacteria and yeasts). Many of these are unique to kefir. Some of these peptides have a variety of biological functions related to health.

Natural & slowly crafted

For the most optimal results, it is important to take your time and let the natural fermentation process take its course. During fermentation, the residual sugars naturally present in whey, including lactose, are transformed by the kefir cultures. As a result, they are hardly present in the final product. The lactose, but also other components, are converted into a wide range of beneficial compounds, ranging from short-chain fatty acids to vitamins.

Prebiotic properties

After fermentation, the kefir whey is pasteurized at a minimum temperature to stop the fermentation process. This means that no living good bacteria are present in the final product. The prebiotic effect continues through other substances made by the bacteria and yeasts. Kefiran, a kefir-specific polysaccharide (prebiotic fiber) is a good example of this. The remaining cell walls and other cell components of the dead kefir microorganisms also contribute to the prebiotic effect.

Grass-fed European pasture cows

By only using milk from grass-fed European pasture cows, we ensure that we have the highest quality whey. Free grazing and natural pasture feeding improve the nutritional quality of milk. These forms of livestock farming are also essential for the quality and good life of the cows. and the ecosystem. In winter, when fresh meadow grass is limited and the cows are in the stable, the cows are fed silage (fermented grass). Grains, corn or soy are not used. The amount of concentrate in the diet is very low and is only used when really necessary.

Nutritious & practical

High-quality fermented whey protein is truly a super nutritional supplement and upgrades the quality of the proteins you consume every day. It is almost perfectly balanced and contains all the essential amino acids the body needs. Easy to mix with water or other liquids to make a tasty protein shake. Use in smoothies or other recipes is also an option.

Paleo whey protein

Kefir Whey Fermented Protein is the most “paleo” whey protein available. Prepared with healthy ingredients that are in line with important paleo (quality) standards and values. Our (r)evolutionary products are based on both ancient nutritional wisdom and modern science. Health and performance can no longer be seen separately. Fermented kefir whey supports both so you can thrive! Keep your body in shape, your mind sharp and your soul connected!

Difference Collagen, Bone Broth & Kefir Whey

Collagen Hydrolyzate

Bone Broth

Kefir Whey

Neutral taste

Mildly savory


Fast absorption

Normal recording

Fast absorption


Not hydrolyzed

Semi hydrolyzed

Collagen types I & III

Collagen types I to 5

No collagen


Pulled slowly

Kefir fermented

95% proteins

98% proteins

90% proteins

95% collagen

78-84% collagen

0% collagen

No dairy

No dairy

Dairy whey

0% fat

2-5% fat

0% fat

0% sugars

0% sugars

0% sugars

Glycine 21.6%

Glycine 20%

Glycine 1.5%

BCAAs 7.42%

BCAAs 8.4%

BCAAs 23.75%

Hydroxyproline 10.6%

Hydroxyproline 10.2%

Hydroxyproline 0%

From bones

Fleshy bones

Meadow milk

No glucosamine

Contains glucosamine

No glucosamine

No chondroitin Contains chondroitin No chondroitin
No hyaluronic acid Contains hyaluronic acid No hyaluronic acid

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Goed verteerbaar

Goed verteerbaar en geen buikklachten zoals bij normale eiwitten wel het geval is!

Goede aanvulling

Doordat ik glutenvrij moet eten en veel sport, is dit een zeer goede aanvulling voor mijn leef /eet patroon. Goed te vermengen in bv kwark of gewoon water. Omdat het licht verteerbaar heb ik ook totaal geen buikklachten. Ik wissel het af met de collageen wilde kabeljauw echter niet met een speciale reden