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Our story - Paleo Powders

In 2007, Ergomax was founded by brothers Samuel and Paul Zonneveld, driven by their shared vision to make high-quality nutritional supplements accessible to everyone who wanted to pursue their personal health optimal. The company grew into a leading specialist in the field of health and supplements, with a range of innovative and effective products. Their sustainable vision ensured a balance between human well-being and the wealth of (nutrient) substances that nature has to offer.


In 2021, Ergomax's story reached a new chapter, when the company was acquired by larger conglomerate of nutritional supplement companies. Ergomax's success was recognized and their mission to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle had a wider impact. It was a time of saying goodbye to a beloved company, but it also marked the beginning of something new.

After the successful takeover of Ergomax, Paleo Powders was created, inspired by the legacy of Ergomax, Paleo Powders continued on the path of natural health and vitality, but now more from a purely evolutionary perspective. Paleo Powders is committed to natural and complex nutrients as they are found in nature, true to the belief that 'Mother Nature' always knows best.

Paleo Powders launched itself as a fresh, young company with a specific range of nutritional supplements. The goal of Paleo Powders is to help people achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, in harmony with evolution and the natural cycles of life.

The expert advice, personal attention to the customer and unique knowledge, which were once the pride of Ergomax, are now the driving force behind Paleo Powders. Their customer service ensures that customers are well informed about their products and the positive impact they can have on their health and wellbeing.

The journey to health continues with Paleo Powders, as they continue the legacy of Ergomax and pave their own path to a future, but from a (r)evolutionary perspective. Paleo Powders is all about returning to the nutrients of our primeval ancestors, in line with the lifestyle that Samuel and Paul strive for in their daily lives.