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Beef liver

Discover the unique qualities of beef liver from Paleo Powders. Our beef liver is of the highest quality and comes from Australia and New Zealand, where healthy grass-fed cows roam free on vast pastures. This purity and natural environment ensure that our beef liver is packed with essential nutrients. We proudly offer a product that is free of additives and artificial ingredients, allowing you to enjoy the full nutritional value and purity that beef liver has to offer. Choose Paleo Powders and experience the power of our high-quality beef liver.

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Runderlever - Grasgevoerd - 180 capsules - Paleo Powders

Discover the benefits of grass-fed beef liver!

Our high-quality beef liver comes from healthy grass-fed cows and provides a range of nutrients for optimal health. If you're looking for a natural source of essential nutrients, our grass-fed beef liver is the perfect choice.

Natural source of essential nutrients: Grass-fed Beef Liver

Beef liver is known for its rich content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is a source of naturally balanced nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin B12, iron and folic acid. These nutrients are essential for maintaining a healthy immune system, promoting digestion and supporting cognitive function.

Quality and purity: Our Grass-Fed Beef Liver

What makes our grass-fed beef liver even more special is that it is free from additives and artificial ingredients. It is pure and unprocessed, allowing you to enjoy the full nutritional value that the liver has to offer. Moreover, our beef liver is paleo-friendly and fits perfectly into a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Easy and versatile form: Beef liver powder from Paleo Powders

You can also contact us for a wide range of paleo powders, including beef liver powder. With our beef liver powder you get all the benefits of grass-fed beef liver in a convenient and easy-to-use form. Add it to your favorite smoothies, shakes or recipes and enjoy the powerful nutrients it has to offer.

Nose-to-tail Nutrition: The Importance of Liver Supplements

In addition to beef liver, we also offer other organ supplements. Nose-to-tail feeding, which utilizes all parts of the animal, is an important principle within the paleo lifestyle. Liver contains a unique composition of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids, that contribute to optimal health. Our liver supplements are specially formulated to deliver high doses of these nutrients, making it easy for you to enjoy the many benefits of beef liver.

High dosage and quality: Beef Liver Supplement from Paleo Powders

Our beef liver supplements have been carefully formulated to provide high doses of the essential nutrients from beef liver. We attach great importance to quality and purity, which is why we only use high-quality ingredients in our products. With our beef liver supplements you get the maximum nutritional value in every capsule, allowing you to enjoy the health benefits of liver in a convenient form.