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Beef organs

Discover the pure power of grass-fed New Zealand beef organs. We offer high-quality bovine organ products, such as beef liver, bovine organ mix, bovine testicles and bovine bone marrow, which fit perfectly within a nose to tail diet. These whole food products are packed with essential nutrients and are produced with care for animal welfare. Experience the benefits of our grass-fed beef organs and add them to your daily nutritional routine for powerful support of your ancestral lifestyle.

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Runderlever - Grasgevoerd - 180 capsules - Paleo Powders
Runder Orgaan Mix - Grasgevoerd - 180 capsules - Paleo Powders
Runder Testikels - Grasgevoerd - 180 capsules - Paleo Powders
Bone & Marrow - Grasgevoerd - 180 capsules - Paleo Powders

Organ products: Nutritious Whole foods from New Zealand

Organ products, such as beef liver, beef organ mix, beef testicle and beef bone marrow, are nutritious whole foods known for their high nutritional value and origin from New Zealand.

Beef liver

Beef liver is known for its rich source of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. It is best known for its high content of vitamin A, vitamin B12, iron and folic acid. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to supplement their diet with a high-quality whole food.

Bovine organ mix

Beef organ mix is ​​composed of various organs of cattle, such as the liver, kidneys, spleen and heart. This mix provides a wide range of nutrients and benefits. It contains an abundance of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. By combining different organs into one beef organ mix, you can benefit from a diverse range of nutrients.

Bovine testicles

Bovine testicle and bovine bone marrow are two less common but equally nutritious organ products. Beef testicles are known for their high protein, zinc and vitamin content. Beef bone marrow, which comes from the bones of cattle, is rich in healthy fats, collagen and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

A Historical Appreciation and New Zealand Quality

The history of organ products goes back a long way. They have traditionally been valued as an important part of the diet by various cultures around the world. In many traditional societies, organ meats and bone marrow were considered precious parts of the animal and valued for their nutritional value.

Today, these products are increasingly recognized as valuable whole foods due to their high nutritional value and health benefits. New Zealand organ products have a reputation for high quality, as New Zealand is known for its strict animal welfare standards and the purity of its products. At Paleo Powders we offer these high-quality organ products so that you can make optimal use of the nutritional power of New Zealand whole foods in their purest form.