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Campfire story

At Paleo Powders, we formulate products based on whole foods, high nutritional values, and (r)evolutionary principles. Our dietary supplements support you if you want to thrive and function optimally in harmony with your primal biology, just like your early ancestors!

Today's world is completely different from the world in which we evolved as Homo Sapiens. The food we eat and the nutrients we need are clear examples of this massive discrepancy. Our former natural environment and the current human-made reality no longer overlap in many areas.

It can be challenging at times to meet your nutritional needs so that you can thrive and lead a vibrant life. Since you no longer eat from 'nose to tail,' don't select wild local plants, or have the opportunity to find organic freshly picked ripe fruits and vegetables, your body does not receive sufficient or the right natural nutrients, energy, and information it needs to function. This makes you less robust, less cheerful, and less healthy! You know it, you feel it, and you see it. Fortunately, you can do something about it!

At Paleo Powders, we strive to give you, as a modern human, back in a practical, logical, and high-quality way what you intrinsically need. This allows you to be the best version of yourself. Our products are based on nature and are compatible with your ancient biochemistry and DNA. They provide an excellent foundation for health and performance.

Because everyone is as different on the inside as they are on the outside, we don't approach "paleo" in a dogmatic way. We leave room for new developments, biochemical individuality, personal opinions, and personal tolerances. Paleo Powders products seamlessly fit into modern times but restore the natural nutritional value of the past.

Isn't it ironic that humans, the most intelligent beings on Earth, are the only species confused about what to eat? No other living being has this problem. The reason? We have the most powerful brains in the world. We use them not only to solve problems but also to create problems. By adapting our environment and food like never before, and turning conflicting natural ideas into tangible matters, we have drifted further away from the natural norms on which our bodies developed.

The solutions to food confusion can be found in a framework of evolutionary thinking. This applies not only to nutrition but also to other problems that have arisen! An evolutionary framework for nutrition can be found in primal diets, paleo diets, or traditional diets. With a few simple guidelines, you can free yourself from artificial nutritional ideas, dogmatic thinking, and shortsightedness.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Just do what was normal for thousands, if not millions, of years and don't buy into the recent human-made nutritional ideas. Within the evolutionary nutritional framework, you have enough room to individualize based on your own wishes and needs.

Use the points below alongside the commonly used paleo diet frameworks to further optimize your daily, weekly, and monthly nutrition. You will quickly notice that this way of thinking feels very natural and is easy to apply.

  • Unprocessed and unsprayed, (fresh & organic)
  • Seasonal vegetables, fruits, and plants
  • Local
  • Nose-to-tail
  • Seafood and grass-fed meat

Don't forget that food not only provides energy but also micronutrients and information. What you eat is important, but also make sure to keep your mitochondria and gut flora in shape. They work with your nutrition.

Keep following the path of evolutionary thinking, listen to the wisdom of your primal biology, and cherish the power of simple, natural nutrition.