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Beef Testicles - Grass Fed - 180 capsules

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Grass-Fed Beef Testicle Capsules

Orchic extract, bull balls or simply beef testicles are one of the most mysterious food products out there. Its use dates back many centuries as a performance-enhancing supplement for warriors, athletes and gladiators.

Even before recorded history, this part of male animals was also consumed by our primeval ancestors. In ancient times, nose-to-tail eating was the norm. Our ancestors recognized the nutritional value of the whole animal and nothing was wasted from organs, glands and connective tissues to the muscle meat.

Benefits of Bovine Testicles

  • 2000 mg bovine testicles per daily dose (5 capsules)
  • Testicles of grass-fed New Zealand cattle
  • 1 jar lasts 36 days
  • Male enhancement
  • Combine with liver and bone marrow capsules for ultimate synergy
  • Rich in essential nutrients
  • Carefully composed formula

Nutritional value of bovine testicles

Today, testicles from cattle, lambs, goats and boars are still eaten as food worldwide. Not only for the nutrients but also for the taste! Bovine testicles are perhaps the most sought after species. Like any other organ product, beef testicles are an excellent source of nutrients. It contains B vitamins, vitamin K2, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, iron, selenium and zinc. In addition to micronutrients, you can also find many of the substances produced in the testicles, such as testicle specific peptides, purines, growth factors, DNA and RNA precursors, natural hormones and enzymes.

Freeze-drying concentrates

Fresh bovine testicles contain a very high percentage of water. During freeze-drying, all the water evaporates, concentrating all the above substances in the final powder. The low temperature process ensures that the substances remain intact!

Premium Choice for from New Zealand

New Zealand beef products have a higher nutritional density and healthier composition than other sources of beef. This in combination with our pure and high-dose formulation makes Paleo Powders Beef Testicle a premium choice.

Bovine testicles still a mystery

Beef testicles remain a mysterious and misunderstood product. This is partly because high-quality animal testicles are not easy to find, there is generally a yuck factor and the fact that a complete nutritional profile is still not available.

More than a gimmick

As far as we're concerned, animal testicles are more than just a gimmick or something you can make funny jokes about! It's seriously nutritious in fresh or freeze-dried form for young and old and even for women!

“Like-Supports-Like” Perspective

Understanding and appreciating organ extracts as we do in all its complexity fits well with the “like-supports-like” perspective. Eating an organ or gland has specific benefits for the same organ or gland in the body. This is accomplished in a number of different ways from micronutrients to peptides to bioactivators and nucleic acids. This is not just theory but also based on data and, above all, a lot of customer experiences.

Quality and Content

Paleo Powders testicles capsules are made with the finest 100% grass-fed bulls from New Zealand. The testicles are freeze-dried immediately after collection to preserve the valuable components. Our pure formula contains a high concentration of bull testicle per dose (2000 mg). In addition, it also contains our proprietary paleoelement complex of freeze-dried beef blood and paleosoil minerals to optimize nutritional density.

Perfect for men

The specific nutritional complexity of grass-fed beef testicles makes it the perfect daily supplement for men for their health and performance. Nourishing your own manhood has never been easier with this carnivore and paleo-approved Animal Kingdom superfood.

Summary of benefits

High Dosage: Each capsule contains a high dose of 400 mg bovine testicle. This ensures that you receive a concentrated source of nutrients with each capsule.

Rich in Nutrients: Our capsules with bovine testicles contain a (r)evolutionary combination of nutrient-rich ingredients. Not only do they contain high-quality bovine testicle extract, but also our Paleo Elements Complex, which is a unique blend of Paleosoil minerals and freeze-dried bovine blood.

No Unnecessary Additions: Our capsules with bovine testicles are made with a focus on effect and quality. You can trust that you are getting a clean and effective product.

Natural Source of Nutrients: Beef testicles contain a unique profile of nutrients, including amino acids, zinc, selenium, vitamin B12 and more. These nutrients contribute to various bodily functions.

Convenient and Easy to Use: Taking our bovine testicle capsules is a convenient way to incorporate the benefits of bovine testicles into your daily routine.

Sourced from New Zealand: Our bovine testicles are carefully sourced from New Zealand where cattle are fed nutritious grasslands. New Zealand is known for its commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices and provides the ideal environment for producing high-quality grass-fed beef. When you choose our product, you can trust that it comes from this renowned region and meets the highest standards of quality.

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Beef Testicles - Grass Fed - 180 capsules Sale price€64,95

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Wow, is all I can say!
I use the testicles with the liver capsules, and for me, it's giving an energy boost I haven't felt in a long time:)