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Discover the power of Magnesium Oxide Monohydrate, a pure and natural form of magnesium from the Dead Sea. With its particularly good absorption capacity, 2.7 times better than magnesium citrate, this form of magnesium offers unique benefits. The water molecule in the molecular structure of Magnesium Oxide Monohydrate ensures optimal solubility and bioavailability. At Paleo Powders we combine this unique magnesium form with other natural forms and multi-nutrient complexes, resulting in an effective magnesium supplement. Discover the benefits of magnesium and experience the unique properties of Magnesium Oxide Monohydrate from Paleo Powders for yourself.

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Magnesium - 100% Natuurlijk - 180 capsules - Paleo Powders

Powerful and natural Magnesium Oxide Monohydrate supplements

Magnesium Oxide Monohydrate is a powerful and natural form of magnesium extracted from the Dead Sea. This special form of magnesium has a particularly good absorption compared to other available forms of magnesium. It is 2.7 times better absorbed by the cells than magnesium citrate. The effective absorption and unique properties of Magnesium Oxide Monohydrate make it an ideal supplement for people looking for a natural source of magnesium.

The Benefits of Natural Magnesium Supplements from Paleo Powders

At Paleo Powders we offer high-quality magnesium supplements that distinguish themselves from the standard products on the market. Our magnesium capsules contain Magnesium Oxide Monohydrate, a natural form of magnesium that is quickly absorbed by the body. In addition, we combine this form of magnesium with natural magnesium from Wild Sea Lettuce, which provides long-term support. Our magnesium supplements also contain a phytoplankton complex and traditional Korean bamboo salt, which optimally support the absorption and effectiveness of magnesium. With a 100% natural origin and precision dosing capsules, our magnesium supplements offer a unique and powerful formula.

The role of magnesium in human biochemistry and health

Magnesium plays an essential role in human biochemistry and general health. It is responsible for the activity of thousands of enzymes and affects about 80% of metabolism. Despite the importance of magnesium, the mineral is often underestimated and undervalued. Modern lifestyle and food processing have led to a decrease in naturally occurring magnesium in our diets. Therefore, it may be useful to consider magnesium as a dietary supplement. Paleo Powders delivers natural magnesium with an evolutionary approach in a revolutionary nutrient-rich formulation, allowing the body to optimally benefit from the benefits of magnesium.

Optimal intake of magnesium and nutritional sources

A good guideline for daily magnesium intake for adults is between 320 mg and 420 mg per day. Foods high in magnesium, such as leafy greens, nuts, chicken and Atlantic Mackerel, do not contain a particularly high percentage of the recommended daily allowance. In addition, many fruits and vegetables have lost large amounts of minerals and nutrients over the past 100 years. Cooking vegetables can also lower magnesium levels. Therefore, supplementing magnesium with a natural supplement may be a wise choice. Magnesium supplements from Paleo Powders ensure optimal absorption and use of this important mineral, so that your body always gets enough magnesium.