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Animal Kingdom Nutrients

Organ meats are among the most nutrient-dense food sources on Earth. Extracting more nutrients from organ meats than lean muscle meat and plants is possible! Organs contain a plethora of essential elements for thriving: vitamins, minerals, peptides, proteins, and growth factors. Our distant ancestors, from the hunter-gatherer era and subsequent generations, consumed far more organ meats than we do now. Were they stronger and more vital as a result?

It's quite possible because EVERY process in our body requires the presence of micronutrients. From reactions in our cells to enzymatic conversions, every organ and gland—there's NO bodily process that doesn't rely on some form of micronutrient.

The complexity of a food source determines the richness of its nutrients. Instead of opting for a human-made vitamin B-complex supplement, consider consuming beef liver. It not only contains the same vitamins but much more! It's naturally balanced, with B-vitamins nestled in their evolutionary package: a complex web of other micro and macronutrients. Your body's intelligence decides which nutrients to absorb from food. In our opinion, Animal Kingdom Nutrients (nutrients of animal origin) house the true superfoods.

Several other key factors are crucial for a healthy life. Sunlight, for instance, plays a pivotal role in aligning the brain and body. Syncing your internal biological rhythms with the Earth's daily rotation is essential for health. Being mindful of the light you expose yourself to during the day, with natural, unobstructed sunlight being the best, contributes to optimal living.

Understanding the pivotal role of just these two factors alone makes it almost incomprehensible how far we've deviated from our evolutionary needs. Our days are filled with artificial light sources instead of direct sunlight. Processed, nutrient-poor foods seem to be the norm, replacing nutrient-rich ones. It's no surprise that suboptimal health is prevalent.

And we haven't even delved into other crucial factors like water, movement, pollution, sleep, breathing, and more. Some things are quite simple. Provide the right conditions, and the body takes care of itself, as it has done for the past 300,000 years. This resilience and robustness enable the body to adapt to future challenges. Looking at health in this way is powerful and, as mentioned, quite simple!

Addressing these crucial health factors one by one can make a noticeable difference. As a dietary supplement company, we can assist you in optimizing your nutritional status by offering products rich in micronutrients. This fundamental step ensures your body functions better, possesses more resilience, and can respond effectively to other factors.

Examining the permitted health claims for vitamins and minerals reveals the profound and extensive influence of micronutrients on the body. Unfortunately, in our current era, everyone needs to be more mindful of consuming sufficient micronutrients; it's no longer a given.

With decades of experience in the health industry and a deep-rooted personal commitment to optimizing health, we understand that focusing on natural micronutrients will have a significant impact. This is where Paleo Powders products come in, offering a difference in supporting this holistic approach. But don't forget the rest! In nature and biology, nothing works in isolation. Thus, it's crucial not only to focus on nutrients but also on factors like sunlight, movement, sleep, and other essential elements.

With our extensive experience in the health industry and a profound dedication to well-being, we believe that embracing natural micronutrients can have a considerable impact. This is where Paleo Powders products step in as a means to support this holistic approach.

In this journey toward optimization, we firmly believe it's not just about consuming dietary supplements but embracing a lifestyle in harmony with our evolutionary needs