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Beef Bone Marrow - Grass Fed - 180 capsules

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Discover grass-fed bone marrow

Inside bones lies a veritable treasure trove of nutritional wealth in the form of bone marrow. Did you know that bone marrow and brains were likely the first food sources from large animals for our earliest ancestors? The "human predatory pattern" began with eating the remains in animal bones through the use of tools. Hunting skills were developed later! Since then, many cultures have enjoyed the taste and nutrition of bone marrow and bones in different ways.

Benefits of Bone Marrow Capsules

  • Each jar contains 180 capsules of 500 mg bone marrow
  • Highest quality pasture cattle from New Zealand and Australia
  • Raw and freeze-dried to preserve nutrients.
  • Contains growth factors, glucosaminoglycans, collagen, specialized cells and vitamins A, D, K and E.
  • Made from high-quality ingredients without pesticides, fillers, hormones and is GMO-free.
  • Specialized cells such as stem cells and basal cells
  • Naturally occurring fats (including alkylglycerols or AKGs)

Bone Marrow Through Time

It is known from archaeological excavations that prehistoric people kept animal bones containing bone marrow as a kind of bone marrow cans. It could be stored for up to a few months before the nutritious bone marrow was consumed.

With the comeback of nose-to-tail paleo eating, bone and marrow consumption is also becoming popular again. As bone broth, grilled or even raw; This nutritious combination is not only healthy but also tasty. Well-informed health enthusiasts see bones and marrow as a valuable source of "Animal Kingdom Nutrients"!

What is Bone Marrow?

Bone marrow is a special type of tissue found in bones. It consists mainly of fats, some proteins but no carbohydrates or sugars. In addition to the macronutrients, there are also many other interesting substances in bone marrow, such as micronutrients, phosphatidylcholine, special fats such as CLA and alkylglycerols, immunoproteins, collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, peptides, growth factors and stem cells. Like other organ meats or glands, bone marrow is much richer in nutrients than muscle meat.

Essential brain factors

There are some important factors that have stimulated the growth of our brains. It has been suggested that, among other things, bone marrow as a food factor along with omega-3 rich seafood and the use of fire for cooking have been crucial. Factors like these have made us the most intelligent species on Earth.

Fatty acid composition of bone marrow

There is still uncertainty about the precise fatty acid composition of bone marrow, but since it is solid at room temperature, this indicates that most fatty acids are saturated. Bone marrow is therefore a good source of healthy animal saturated fats. We find it rather strange that only a partial nutritional profile is available for bone marrow, especially considering that it was one of the first sources of nutrition that our ancestors ate.

Don't forget bone

Flounder is another favorite of paleo eaters on its own. Made of connective tissue reinforced with calcium and specialized bone cells. Bone is not only sturdy but also very nutritious. Bones are usually cooked, but our “bone extract” is a freeze-dried powder. It provides the body with bone-specific nutrients such as trace elements, minerals, peptides and growth factors.

Natural proportions

As with all our natural ingredients, nature's proportions are preserved in the broad complex and variety of nutrients. With bone and bone marrow capsules you not only have an ancient synergy but also a modern way to incorporate this into your daily routine.

Excellent source of collagen

Bone and bone marrow are an excellent source of collagen. They not only provide a wide range of different types of collagen, but also supporting nutrients. Everything complete as in an evolutionary package. In addition to supporting glucosamine, chondroitin and fats. Our special Paleo Elements Complex also provides silica. This is a mineral that is crucial for the formation of collagen.

Complete Paleo Elements Complex

Our unique Paleo Elements Complex is featured in all our beef products as it elegantly enhances the nutritional value of the core ingredients. Earth and blood were always consumed unintentionally when hunting and eating. We felt that this omission from our formulations was incorrect and we also felt the difference!

Sustainable Origin from New Zealand

Our bovine organ ingredients are obtained from cattle raised in New Zealand and Australia. These cattle graze in vast pastures filled with fresh grass their entire lives. This ensures unparalleled quality. To maintain this quality and nutritional value, our beef organ ingredients undergo a freeze-drying process. This ensures that the nutritional value is retained. This way you can enjoy these essential paleo products effortlessly and almost daily!


In a world where our nutritional sources and their impact on our health are increasingly receiving our attention, grass-fed bone marrow opens a fascinating window into traditional nutritional treasures. In the midst of modern nutritional changes, it reminds us that the age-old use of bone marrow and bones in our diet has a timeless value. The benefits of bone marrow capsules, with essential nutrients and supporting elements, is a valuable nutritional source to include in our daily routine. With knowledge about the evolution, composition and sustainable origin of grass-fed bone marrow, we can optimize our health!

Bone & Marrow - Grasgevoerd - 180 capsules - Paleo Powders
Beef Bone Marrow - Grass Fed - 180 capsules Sale price€59,95

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Beenmerg capsules

Ik heb ze nu een paar weken gebruikt en kan al voelen hoeveel verschil het maakt. Mijn energieniveau is gestegen en ik voel me over het algemeen veel vitaler. Wat ik echt waardeer, is de zorg die ze besteden aan de kwaliteit van hun producten. Dit is zeker een blijvertje in mijn dagelijkse routine!