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Article: Make your own coffee with collagen!

Maak je eigen koffie met collageen!

Make your own coffee with collagen!

Supplementing with collagen is most effective for the skin, intestines and joints when you take it daily. While some of us take collagen in a smoothie, there are days when you just don't feel like having a smoothie or you're fasting, for example...

That's the perfect time to make a real bulletproof coffee! It's incredibly easy to make and can become a new part of your morning ritual, fitting into the keto diet, paleo lifestyle, and even intermittent fasting.

Main ingredients

Organic coffee: While you can certainly have too much of coffee, one cup of coffee has benefits, including antioxidants, which support liver and heart health and improve physical and cognitive performance.

Grass-fed butter: Butter may not give you protein or fiber, but it also doesn't contain sugar, carbs, or bad trans fats. Grass-fed butter, coconut oil and ghee provide the body with much-needed fuel and help keep blood sugar levels stable.

Coconut oil: is mainly added to maintain energy levels. A good alternative is MCT oil, which is especially easy because it is liquid; Just be careful, take small sips at first. The oil, and therefore the coffee, can feel a lot hotter than you are used to.

Collagen powder: one of the most popular supplements at the moment. This applies to bovine collagen just as it does to fish collagen. Not just for beautiful skin, strong hair and cool nails.

Make bulletproof collagen coffee

This is a piece of cake. First make about one and a half cups of coffee (or more). Our favorite way to make coffee is with a coffee machine with freshly ground organic beans, but this can of course also be done with a percolator or the "French Press".

Pour the coffee into a blender with 2-3 teaspoons of collagen powder, together with a good knob of butter and coconut oil/MCT oil or ghee. Blend for 15 seconds and then enjoy :)

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