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Article: What is fermented Kefir whey?

Wat is gefermenteerde Kefir whey?

What is fermented Kefir whey?

When you think of protein powder, you might think of whey protein. We take it a step further with our kefir whey fermented protein powder. It's easier to digest than regular whey protein and as an added bonus it also contains prebiotics, making it gut-friendly. Our whey comes from Irish organic, grass-fed dairy and combining this with the ancient fermentation technique with kefir grains results in a nutritional powerhouse. Kefir grains consist of a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that have been used for centuries to make nutritious, fermented drinks. During the 18-hour fermentation process, the whey proteins are broken down into di- and tripeptides, making the proteins even easier to digest and absorb.

If you've read about the paleo lifestyle, you may have noticed that it doesn't include dairy products. However, whey is made from dairy products, so why would you want to include it in your diet?

Dairy proteins in milk generally consist of about 80% casein and 20% whey protein. It's the casein in milk that many people are sensitive to, not the whey. Whey protein is easy to digest and absorb and is not only made up of essential amino acids like BCAAs. It also contains a number of bioactive components with immune-supporting and antioxidant properties.

Athletes love whey for its rapid digestion and absorption into the body, making it an easy way to get protein after a workout without having to eat a heavy-on-the-stomach meal. Whey protein can easily be added to any drink or meal because of its neutral taste.

Our kefir whey also contains prebiotics for a satisfied intestine. Prebiotics: not to be confused with probiotics. Prebiotics are necessary to keep the probiotics healthy: they are the food that the gut bacteria eat – they ensure that those "good bacteria" in your gut are healthy so that they can support your gut's normal function and digest food properly .

Kefir whey Smoothie

Personally, we like to add our kefir whey protein powder to various shakes. One of our favorites contains lots of berries (can be used fresh or frozen): a real treat at any time of the day. Simply combine 250g of berries of your choice with a ripe banana, an avocado, a handful of spinach or kale leaves and a splash of coconut or almond milk. Add a scoop or two of kefir whey and mix until smooth.

This shake is quite thick and can be eaten with a spoon - which we love as it allows the food to mix with saliva for better digestion. After all, digestion starts in the mouth, and when you drink something quickly, it usually doesn't get much chance to mix with saliva, making it heavier on the stomach. However, that's not the only reason why we like to eat our shakes with a spoon. It's also because you can add a plethora of crunchy toppings like nuts, seeds, coconut flakes, cacao nibs and more. Who doesn't like that?

Written by Marinka Bil

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