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Article: Cold as a biohack!

Kou als biohack!

Cold as a biohack!

Exposing the human body to cold temperatures has a number of important health benefits. One of the most effective ways is through exposure in cold water.

Our bodies are tuned to respond and adapt to small changes in temperature. Exposure to cold stimulates various physiological effects, which can affect elsewhere in the body.

However, in a short time, humans have become so good at controlling their environment that we no longer experience real winters. Not due to global warming or the lack of snow or ice, but due to a lack of physical exposure to cold, a so-called metabolic winter. It is very clear that we have created a disconnect between our biology and the seasons. It is always warm and high-calorie food is available all year round. Exposure to cold and periods with less food no longer occurs, which is why we no longer experience real winters.

Total control over our environment has been a major milestone for humanity, just like the agricultural revolution. They have both given us a lot in the form of progress, but like many other developments, these are not without consequences.

Benefits of cold water

There are many benefits of cold water therapy

  • Boosting immune system health

Studies have shown that people who take a cold shower daily keep the immune system's resistance high and reduce the impact of colds and viruses.

  • Recovery after exertion

Athletes have been taking a dip in cold water for years! It ensures that muscles recover faster after exercise.

  • Improved blood circulation

Another benefit of cold water is better circulation. Cold water causes more blood to flow from the skin to the core, so it can warm and protect vital organs. The effect of this is better and effective blood circulation

  • Improved mood

Studies show that both cold showers and swimming in cold water can reduce mood and symptoms of anxiety.

  • Increased energy

A cold shower is one of the best ways to feel energetic! Exposure to cold water sends electrical signals to the brain to increase mental clarity, focus and energy.

  • Anti-aging

In addition to the above effects, research has shown that cold water can also affect longevity. Immersion in cold water stimulates the survival activity of DNA cells.

Once you've read all about the benefits of cold water, you may be asking yourself "how cold is cold?"

Although there is a lot of talk about the optimal temperature for cold water, the general opinion is that anything below 15C is considered cold enough to provide benefits.

Best Types of Cold Water Exposure

There are several ways to experience the benefits of cold water;

Cold shower

One of the easiest ways to experience the benefits of cold is with cold showers. Try to get used to lower temperatures gradually, for example by taking a colder shower every day. You will soon get used to and be able to withstand lower temperatures.

Ice bath

Ice baths have been a great tool for decades! An empty wheelie bin or bath can be a very nice way to get acquainted with this

Swimming in nature

Not only is swimming outdoors a fun way to enjoy cold water, but it also has benefits, especially the connection with nature.

Whatever method you choose, try to find a way that works for you and helps you get the best out of yourself!

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