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Article: Red light therapy

Rood licht therapie

Red light therapy

If there is a magic pill that can stop aging, renew the skin, increase energy in your body, it would be a miraculous medicine. It's just not an ointment or a pill, but light therapy, specifically red light and infrared light.

Red light therapy has gained a lot of prominence in the biohacker world lately, but many people still don't understand how important it is for your body and your health.

Red light is one of the most important factors for your health. Your cells have receptors that convert frequencies of red light for more energy production. A deficiency of red light is therefore just as bad as a deficiency of nutrients.

What is meant by red light?

For many people, light is something very simple. But light is much more than just a simple light source.

Light is bioactive and can therefore enter your cells and affect your mitochondria. Hundreds of studies have been done on the effects of light on human health, but like the benefits of eating red meat, it has gone unnoticed by many people.

Light consists of waves, electromagnetic waves to be precise. And from that point of view, it makes sense to understand that light can enter your cells, because it is somewhat similar to, for example, X-rays.

Visible light is a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum! It ranges from 400 nanometers to 700 nanometers . Red light ranges from 600 nanometers to 700 nanometers and Near infrared light (NIR) ranges from 700 nanometers to 1,100 nanometers .

The longer the wavelength of the light, the deeper it can penetrate into the cells.

Many people don't realize that a large part of sunlight is made up of these electromagnetic waves and not just the UV rays you hear about all the time.

Many of the benefits of sunlight come from the sun's red and near-infrared rays. Only 2 to 5% of the sun's rays are UV rays. So most of it is actually infrared light!

Why is red or Near Infrared Light (NIR) important?

It is disastrous for health that people spend entire days under artificial light (LED lamps) instead of in the sun. The sun is portrayed as bad in the media and in the 24 hour economy many people miss the sun's natural light...Researchers suggest that exposure to sunlight is almost 1000x less than what our ancestors would have received.

Most people know the adverse effects of avoiding sunlight:

  • low vitamin D content
  • disrupted circadian rhythm

But many do not know the consequences of avoiding red light and NIR light. Part of the reason this goes unnoticed is because it is less likely to be obvious. It is like a plant that is slowly removed from sunlight.

Red / NIR light is the beef liver the light spectrum! Underestimated in terms of effectiveness and really great for your health.

Studies show that red light and NIR light are necessary to maximize efficiency in the mitochondria.

Effect on the water

Another reason why red light is very important is because of its effect on the water in the cells. Water is actually a photoreceptor and its structure changes through interaction with light.

In many ways, our cells are like little balloons filled with water. Based on interaction with light, the water can change from watery or to a more jelly-like substance.

Red light is a miracle drug that increases ATP production in the mitochondria, which is quite important, since every organ, tissue and physiological process in the body requires energy. And avoiding red light is just as bad for you as avoiding red meat.

In the past 5 years, several studies have been conducted on the benefits of red/NIR. Part of the reason why sunlight is so beneficial is that there is a huge red light deficit due to too little exposure to sunlight.

Our ancestors spent all day in the sun and then sat around the campfire at night. Red light has been almost completely removed from the modern world and somewhat comparable to our (mal)nutrition crisis.

Hopefully this is a motivation to go back to old wisdom and customs that the modern world has taken away.

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